This was probably one of my favorite shows when I was young ... "Family Affair"

Family Affair - TV show. Pictured are Kathy Garver (Cissy), Anissa Jones (Buffy), Johnny Whitaker (Jody), Uncle Bill Davis (Brian Keith), and Mr.

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coastal lanterns and starfish for nautical decor. Love the starfish and she'll idea

"we would wrap our boyfriends class ring with angora yarn to fit our finger...".  We also used dental floss and painted it w/nail polish and we also used angora yarn to make it look "fuzzy".

Remember doing this.wrap your boyfriends class ring with string so it would fit your finger? Or else made a wad of tape, covered with finger nail polish, to fit between the ring and top of finger. (The girls I knew used angora yarn)

Three's Company

Threes Company - Loved this show.John Ritter was the best

Laverne and Shirley  -- Penny Marshal and Cindy Williams   (TV, 1976–1983)

Cindy Williams (Shirley) and Penny Marshall (Laverne) in the TV series "Laverne and Shirley" -- "Schlemiel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer, incorporated!

hazel tv show

Title Card to ‘Hazel’ Starring Shirley Booth, the show is about live-in maid Hazel Burke good-naturedly disrupting the lives of the perfect American family, the Baxters.

When I was a child"Howdy Doody" was my tv show to watch~:>)

Come on kids, it's Howdy Doody time! The Howdy Doody Show was on TV from 1947 until fall of 1960 - Buffalo Bob was the host with his 'friend' Howdy Doody.There was a silent clown character on it too named Clarabell Clown.