I hate love you crumpled

A physical timeline of the brand process

How awesome is that long shot of a studio desk? Thin slices of Mac computers, handwritten notes, strange snacks and Pantone guides – it& design studio heaven. Oneighty Creative, a design studio in the UK, directed a series of shots in the ho .

Break Rules.

366 Cool Things: - Break rules by Clement Goebels

Liam Devereux

Up all night, Liam Devereux


Magazine Editorial / The autumn/winter issue of Feld Hommes magazine

INCREDIBLE Gig Poster by Landland

sweet gig poster by landland!


Posters for the opening of 13 wives a bar in Singapore designed by Foreign Policy Design Group. The name comes from a story of the bartender's little black book and the women he has known and loved.

Badass Black Keys poster by Alex Wezta.

the black keys, poster, design, illustration

365 Days of Tumblr // Photography, Quotes, and Typography

Nothing in life is fixed or set in stone, so get the hell outta there and carpe the hell out of the diem.

Paper Bag Design.

30 Amazing Examples Of Eye-Popping Packaging Design - UltraLinx

Marker Portraits by Mr Frivolous.

it aint easy playing dumb, mr frivolous

Amazingly detailed leaf cut illustrations.

Cut Leaf Illustrations for ‘Plant for the Planet’. A wonderfully executed ad campaign by Legas Delaney for Plant for the Planet, using cut leaves symbolizing their ability to absorb

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husbands too :)

Awesome hand-drawn typography. // Also 100% accurate.

Poster Series of 'The Walking Dead' - created by Gabriel Marques (Amazing fan art and typographic illustrations). This poster is really creative and I was drawn to how different it is. The literal heart for the symbol of love was genius.

Amazing album cover design.

CD cover for the new album "Above", Bashakov Band - Elbatova Karina & Dopludo Collective

Graham Erwin Poster Design.

Steve Zissou poster by Graham Erwin.