Some Harry Potter feels for your evening

Harry and Neville: Harry was chosen for a solo mission. Neville was chosen to lead an army. I never thought of it that way.

I think I need a Harry Potter tree

Harry Potter Christmas ornament from an Etsy shop - floo powder. Bet we could make this ourselves with a clear ornament from michales, powder, glitter and paper

Sassy Harry is the best Harry XD

Harry Potter and the Movie of Sass. That's why his hair is so big, it's full of sarcasm. this caption Harry Potter the boy who sassed and He is the ultimate lord of sass<< the movie where movie Harry matched book Harry.


How many people

"Actually just as long as it's Harry Potter. He just has to hold the light bulb and the world will revolve around him to screw it in." <-haha whoops yes

Laughed at this way more than I should have.

Laughed at this way more than I should have

Harry Potters weakness "Why on earth would you think water would do that?

For Harry Potter fans.

Items similar to Harry Potter Sweatshirt - Made in USA by So Effing Cute - The Original HP Sweater! on Etsy

Oh Luna - I'm going to say this the next time a sock goes missing in the dryer

This website has TONS of awesome, unique T-shirts for all and every fandom! And reasonably priced! This design is called The Nargles by Screenager