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Preparing for my next Spartan Race


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jump rope:

Handcrafted rowing machine with "water flywheel" that replicates actual rowing feel

Replica Black Rubber Gun - Krav Maga. Gunfighting is not primarily about guns; it is primarily about fighting.

TP Hardware Rubber Training Knife

Rage Hammer - 20kg

Assegai spear for throwing practice

Known as the "Bruiser", an individual 45 pound CST Clubbell poses a tremendous challenge

Originally developed by the ancient Persian warrior elite, the Gada (heavy mace) style of training was directly applicable to real world combat and wrestling applications.

Onnit Labs - Total Human Optimization

Tikka Plus 2 headlamp keeps running for 185 hours... After 185 hours, I need a nap anyway.

SKORA Phase minimalist running shoes

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My favorite trail running shoes

My favorite road running shoes

SureFire Maximus rechargeable variable-output LED headlamp: light, bright, and lasts long enough to run through the night.

SureFire Maximus Ultra-Powerful LED Headlamp

As comfortable as knee pads get; good for going under barbed wire.

Forearm protection for rolling under barbed wire, etc.

McDavid Hex Knee/Elbow Pad

Highly skilled black belt instructors provide you with the skills needed for your unique goals, whether for self-defense, flexibility, getting in shape, or winning a grappling tournament.

Eskrima is a Filipino martial art utilizing weapons (sticks, knives, sword and dagger) as well as empty hand trapping and striking techniques, including takedowns and locks.

The official self-defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces, krav maga is an efficient, practical self-defense system.

Using the science of muscle confusion, P90X is a training system that shows you how and when to change your routine for maximum results.

A commercial cross trainer with the unique arc design that gives the fast fitness results.

“Hobie Call’s How to Train for Obstacle Course Racing” has good workout ideas for speed, endurance, and strength to get through the Spartan Race.

First: sign up. Once you are pre-committed, it gets easier to focus on training.

When you are climbing a wet, muddy rope, it is better if you don't fall. It looks cooler and it hurts less.

This 40-Pounds weighted vest is designed to contour and stay tight to your body even under the most intense workouts. It is a great tool for training if you run with your children because it helps equalize the effort needed for a given distance.