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Bye-bye fillings! Alzheimer’s drug lets teeth repair themselves

Researchers have developed a method for stimulating the renewal of living stem cells in teeth, using a drug developed for Alzheimer's.

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Older adults represent at least a third of the dentist's patient population. Will you take care of your teeth during retirement?

Maintaining Good Oral Health In Retirement Can Save Your Life And Your Money

Ouch! An aching tooth can be excruciating, but it may not mean you have a cavity. If hot or cold foods – iced or steaming tea, for two examples – cause sharp pain in a tooth, or if you experience pain when you floss, you may have what dentists call “sensitive teeth.”

An aching tooth may not mean you have a cavity. There are several steps you can take to reduce pain caused by sensitive teeth.

Probiotics may be good not only for our digestive system, but for our oral health as well. This post explains the latest details.

The use of probiotics has shown promise for dental health, reducing cavities and gum disease, and perhaps helping prevent oral cancer.

You might have heard news saying that flossing isn't effective, but YES, it is essential to clean between your teeth! If you're part of the 20% who don't floss at all, or you don't do it enough because it just isn't for you, check out TePe interdental toothbrushes.

If flossing is a chore, here's an alternative. Tepe interdental brushes are specially designed to clear away plaque between your teeth and gums.

Cosmetic Dentistry includes much more than just straight or whiter teeth. There are many procedures that can improve the beauty of your smile, but not all dentists who do Cosmetic Dentistry are equally trained. This article explains what AACD accreditation is and what it means when choosing your dentist.

You don’t have to live with blemished teeth. Flaws can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry. Look for an AACD accredited dentist.

Oral Cancer is relatively rare, but it has one of the lowest five-year survival rates because it is difficult to diagnose early.  The VELscope uses a special fluorescent light to detect cancerous cells before they're visible to the naked eye. Dr. Lamberton uses the VELscope with every examination, at no extra charge.  Ask your dentist for an oral cancer screening on your next visit.

Oral Cancer and the VELscope