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A collection of awesome TED-Ed science videos you should show your class.

All 100 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy


Magic Tea Bag Rocket

Magic Tea Bag Rocket - awesome Science Experiment for kids!

Build A Model Robotic Hand to Demonstrate how tendons make the fingers function! Fascinating project that is easy to complete.

Really want this for our Simple Machines unit! Go Lego!

Simple Machines Classroom Packs

10 online citizen science projects you can do in 15 minutes or less


Speedometry – Learn Math and Science | Hot Wheels

Conduction or heat conduction: the transfer of heat energy by microscopic diffusion and collisions of particles or quasi-particles within a body due to a temperature gradient; the microscopically diffusing and colliding objects include molecules, electrons, atoms and phonons; they transfer microscopically disorganized kinetic and potential energy, which are jointly known as internal energy

Heat Conduction Experiment - Layers of Learning

Apple Science! An apple experiment using acids and bases from your kitchen.

Apple Science Experiment

Magnetic Slime

How to Make Magnetic Slime - Frugal Fun For Boys

Learning about water pressure with a homemade water fountain (that only took a few minutes to make!)

Water Power Demonstration ~ Learn Play Imagine

A voyage through the human body at the Corpus Science Museum in the Netherlands.

Take A Fantastic Voyage Through the Human Body

Good Website for Interactive Science Notebook Ideas

Fabulous in Fifth: Science Notebooking

The Incredible Physics of Ants | ScienceTake |The New York Times - YouTube #Ants #Physics

This website is awesome! It lets you peel back layers of the body. Definitely a great study tool, and not just for the muskuloskeletal system.

Sound Decibals

Melting Ice Cube Convection


Thermal Images

Improvements when quitting smoking

Teachers use the free ePals Global Classroom to create real world, culturally- enriching learning experiences for their students. With ePals...

Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to Skeletons [Infographic] | MNN - Mother Nature Network

To introduce my Force and Motion unit: Funny Story. True Story. A story told like never before. "Best Idea Ever" is a funny take on the actual anecdote of Sir Newton and the apple. Made as my final graduation film at Sheridan College's Computer Animation Program. Softwares used in production are as follows. • Maya 2010 • Adobe After Effects CS4 • Adobe Premiere CS4 • Adobe P...

ph Scale-Acid and Bases