Cecile Bressollette

Cecile Bressollette

Cecile Bressollette
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getting through the week like... #TGIF #AUnicornRide

STYLE: i did my best did you do your best at the time with the resources you had? then kiss that whole self-doubt thing goodbye. wear these custom socks by working girls with our favorite mantra retro kitsch advertising photo art , roller skates and

Tres charmante

"The Sartorialist. This is perfect: full skirt, navy sweater, socks and Doc Marten oxfords." Although I'm not a fan of the Doc Martens I do love the contrast between the slim fit top and full bodied skirt

Née à Paris le 28 septembre 1934, Brigitte Bardot, tout à la fois actrice et chan­teuse, est sans aucun doute l’une des plus grandes stars de l’his­toire française

Love the combination of volume and headband. Blow dry hair upside down w/ mousse. Black headband pushing bangs back. Tease behind headband. Curl ends w/ large curling iron.