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Christine Clarkson

Christine Clarkson
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oven baked risotto looks good

Smoked chicken, spinach and lemon, oven baked risotto, yum! You can get your smoked chicken from Mr.

Helen Jackson Recipes. Apple bread and butter pudding. George Weston. Photos by Carolyn Robertson

Caramalised apple bread and butter pudding.

Wholemeal loaf_110412_0052

Thanks to for devising and sharing this recipe, I added in the honey but this is optional. This is a delicious loaf and one that has quickly become a favourite here.

Foodlovers website, Helen Jackson. Smoked fish pie. Photos by Carolyn Robertson

This is such an easy fish pie and after delivering some to friends the text came back “the best fish pie ever”. Golden kumara creates such a striking topping to an otherwise pale dish b…

Pesto Broccoli - What's Gaby Cooking

A simple side dish of sauteed broccoli doused in a homemade pesto sauce makes Pesto Broccoli one of the best side dishes ever created.

Foodlovers website, Helen Jackson. Raw energy salad. Photos by Carolyn Robertson

This recipe was given to me from Jo Williams of Madame JoJos in Auckland. It is healthy and absolutley delicious. Eat on its own or as a side salad. I often leave out the rice/grains and serve it a.

lemon slice

Sticky lemon slice is a recipe that pops up everywhere, this version, to the best of our knowledge is quite generic and has been shared around many community cookbooks.

oaty slice

3 cups rolled oats cup coconut thread cup combined pumpkin and sunflower seeds cup chopped dried apricots (NZ dried apricots have superior colour and flavour) 1 cup flour 1 teas.

The 10 best beetroot recipes

Guardian ten best beetroot recipes including Beetroot keftedes - Greek beetroot and feta fritters