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Our Contact Lenses

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Our Contact Lenses

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Red Galaxy Colored contact lenses :) $33.99 a pair

RAGE crazy contacts $33.99 for a Pair :)

Radiate Biohazard contact lenses are my favorite :) $33.99 a pair

Purple Contacts $33.99 a Pair :)

Pure Galaxy are simply Stunning $33.99 a pair :)

Pinky a Cute Pink Contact Lens $33.99 a Pair :)

Pink Galaxy, A swirl of Pink look Really Unique $33.99 a Pair :)

Pentagram Contacts Look Freaky $33.99 a Pair :)

Pacific Blue Colored Contacts are So Beautiful :) $33.99 a Pair :)

FANTASTIC Multi Colored Contacts $33.99 a Pair..They Looks So Cool

Marijuana Leaf Crazy Contacts :) $33.99 a Pair :)

Lunar Eclipse. Make your Eyes Look So Cool $33.99 a Pair :)

Lost Galaxy Contact Lenses. Unique Eyes Right There :) $33.99 a Pair

Perfect Lizard Eyes $33.99 a Pair :)

The Hulk. Get Eyes Like Him. They Look So Good :) $33.99 a Pair

Hasta La Vista Baby Contact Lenses $33.99 a Pair :)

Grim Reaper Contacts Looks So Freaky. $33.99 A Pair :P

Green Tornado, Now They Are Some Cool Lenses $33.99 a Pair :)

Green Spin Woooooooooo $33.99 a Pair

Green Mist Are Easily The Most Stunning Eyes Ever $33.99 a Pair :)

Green Galaxy, Super Cool Eyes $33.99 a Pair :)

Green Coloured Contacts :) $33.99 a Pair

Dragon Eyes look amazing $33.99 a pair

Dracula Colored Contacts. Be a Vampire lol :) $33.99 a pair

Dark Side Crazy Contact Lenses- Solid Black $33.99 a pair