You are my one true best friend, the love of my life and you really are the greatest thing to have ever happen to me. Someone as special and incredible as yourself, makes me feel even more blessed that we were able to come together. I feel the same for yo

Because I love hard and with meaning. I have a heart of gold despite what the people who don't know me say. The ones I love and that really know me, know the truth and they love me for me. I don't care if some immature conceited little girls think of me.

I'm so happy it's you Tamy I love that it's always been you. Every dream from the start of my life has been about you. I've made so many mistakes but so proud that now we are here. I love you baby

Yes! He has the most gorgeous eyes ever! I think I offended him saying they had a yellow ring...apparently it's gold. My bad. Well I think they're beautiful all the same so he shouldn't care if I say yellow or gold...same difference....both gorgeous

Lets begin a journey of fantasy and fairy tales. A lake and a fairy boat To sail in the midnight clear, And merrily we would float From the dragons that watch us here. The gown should be snow-white silk And strings of orient pearls. Lik

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