Work-related asthma is the most common occupational respiratory disorder in industrialized countries. It creates a narrowing of the air passages that makes it difficult to breathe. Symptoms are typically worse on working days and improve when away from work. Share this infographic with information on symptoms, triggers, occupations at risk, and prevention strategies for employers, to help spread awareness of work-related asthma.

Canadians are spending more time sitting at work in low activity jobs. Share this infographic with guidance on how to work in comfort when seated, and tips to help get you out of your seat.

Take a quick look at highlights and numbers from our fifth annual national event on the changing world of work in this CCOHS Forum 2016 infographic

This infographic illustrates why older workers can be beneficial to an organization, and what workplaces can do to ensure that they stay health and safe on the job, keeping in mind that a well-designed, well-organized workplace benefits everyone, regardless of age.

Here's to the holidays and your health

This infographic‬ illustrates the elements of a hazard control program, the hierarchy of controls, and the importance of monitoring and reviewing control systems to protect and keep workers safe.

Many of us spend our working hours indoors. The quality of the air we breathe can significantly affect our comfort, productivity, and health. This infographic describes the symptoms of IAQ, common causes, and what workplaces can do when it comes to both investigating IAQ complaints and proactively improving air quality at work.

Notre document infographique indique les signes dénotant un état de fatigue, explique la façon dont la fatigue influe sur notre santé et notre sécurité au travail, et donne aux travailleurs et aux employeurs des conseils pour les aider à lutter contre la fatigue.

Our infographic lists the telltale signs that you're tired, explains how it affects our health and safety at work, and offers tips for both workers and employers to help fight fatigue.

7 Ineffective Safety Practices

Sécurité des nouveaux travailleurs au Canada : Quel que soit l'âge ou l'expérience, nouveau, c'est nouveau : le risque de blessure pour ces travailleurs vulnérables est de 5 à 7 fois plus élevé au cours du premier mois d'un nouvel emploi. Notre plus récent document infographique décrit les gestes à poser par les employeurs, offre des conseils de sécurité pour les travailleurs, notamment sur leurs trois droits fondamentaux, et met l'accent sur les méthodes de formation efficaces.

New Worker Safety in Canada: Regardless of age or stage, new is new - and these vulnerable workers have 5 to 7 times the risk of injury in the first month of their job. Our latest infographic outlines what employers can do, covers safety tips for workers including their three rights, and highlights effective training methods.

Our latest infographic explains the types of behaviours that constitute workplace violence, highlights safety tips for workers, and covers the components of a workplace violence prevention program. More info on workplace violence prevention:

Psychosocial risks can be assessed and managed in the same systematic way as other occupational safety and health risks.

Workplace injury attorneys can advise you, if you have more than a worker's compensation claim. An injured worker may be eligible for compensation against a third-party. Anytime a worker is injured, he/she should contact a worker's compensation lawyer to make sure that he/she receives all compensation that he/she is entitled to receive. Infographic.

Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries #Infographic #Workplace #Injuries

Working in the Cold - infographic from Alberta Occupational Health and Safety

Notre document infographique illustre pourquoi il est important de limiter les distractions le plus possible et offre des conseils utiles à l'intention des conducteurs et des employeurs pour garder les yeux sur la route. Lisez notre fiche d'information sur la distraction au volant :

Our infographic highlights why it is important to minimize distractions, and shares helpful tips for both drivers and employers to keep the focus squarely on the road. Read our fact sheet on distracted driving:

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Infographic. More info on workplace violence:

The Cost of Slip-and-Fall Accidents Infographic

Job Hazard Analysis Infographic: Easy as 1, 2, 3…4

The impact of stress infographic.

Notre plus récent document infographique donne des conseils pour se rendre à bon port, toujours dans un souci de sécurité.