Characters I’m Meeting... for reader's notebooks

A Literate Life - Reader's Notebook

reading workshop: reader's notebooks responses, think marks

Flamingos and Butterflies: Commitment and One Love

Readers Workshop...If you've been wanting to start an interactive notebook, but just weren't sure where to start, this blog will REALLY help you. It has the how too's and LOADS of pages to demonstrate how it's done!

A Teacher's Treasure: Interactive Student Notebook!!!!

Reader's Response Journal Set Leading-and-Reading Shop - | Teachers Notebook

Reader's Response Journal Set |

The Teacher Organizer: A Reader's Notebook

The Teacher Organizer: A Reader's Notebook

Cafe 1123: Reader's Notebooks

Cafe 1123: Reader's Notebooks

Standard 1: Knowledge of Literacy- 1.3 Develop reading comprehension and promotion of independent reading including: • Literary response and analysis. -Independent Reading Response Anchor Charts

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Cafe 1123: Reader's Notebooks

Cafe 1123: Reader's Notebooks

Reading Response poster

Did you know Vistaprint has Medium Posters? Check mine out!

Great site for reading/writing notebook ideas

A Literate Life - Writer's Notebook

The Cay

The Middle School Mouth: Really?

First Grade Wow: Reader's Response D5 Work on Writing

First Grade Wow: Reader's Response D5 Work on Writing

Integrated Strategy Units in 4th & 5th Grade: Reading notebooks are a great substitute for strategy sheets for fourth and Fifth graders. This notebook allows them to record their thoughts and feelings toward the book, ask questions, consider changes, experience problems, and analyze characters. I love that it is called a reading journal and not a reading log because it makes the journal more appealing for students to express themselves.

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6th Grade

Literary Letter Anchor Chart

Reading Response Log

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Thoughtful Reading Response

Life in 4B...: literature discussion groups

Weekly Reading Response

The Reader's Notebook: Grades 3–12 |

Comprehension Strategies - Reading Journal Response Prompts

Learning With Mrs. Santillana

Read and response for independent reading.

2nd Grade Sleuths: Reading Tracks and a Freebie

The Reader's Notebook-How to use a post it and turn it into an entry in your reading notebook

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Imperfectly Beautiful: SERIOUSLY CUTE Fabric Covered Notebooks

Imperfectly Beautiful: Fabric Covered Notebooks

Reader's Response Journal

2nd Grade Shenanigans: Reader's Response

Reading response log

Life in 4B...: Thoughtful Logs

Reading Response

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reading response

F is for First Grade: Reading Responses