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People I have no use for....


New Details on Ariel Castro and Brother Captors of 3 Missing Women | Fox News Insider ` the suspect made appearances at memorials for DeJesus over the years Read more:

A TRAITOR IS ABOUT TO BE HONORED. KEEP THIS MOVING ACROSS AMERICA ~ BARBARA WALTERS WRITES: Unfortunately, many have forgotten and still countless others have never known how Ms. Fonda betrayed not only the idea of our country, but specific men who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War. Hanoi Jane = Bad Karma Coming

.In Vietnam, sleeping with the enemy while thousands of men fighting on the front lines,FIGHTING for her freedom..On the radio trying to get the USA soliders to give up..She should have been tried for Treason.I wonder how many deaths she caused..My husband was 18 years old on the front lines....After all these years,he has not forgotten,she is a disgrace and a traitor.....

Muhammad Badi--leader of the Muslim Brotherhood

~~Chick-fil-A: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel blasted by Chicago Cardinal Francis George over stance. Mayor you won't be smirking after the Nov. elections when those supporting the right to Free Speech, and in protection of our civil rights vote your party and Obama out of office. Let's see how funny it is then.

Dem Congressman: Tropical Storm Means 'The Gods' Favoring Democrats >> Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) weighed in on Tropical Storm Isaac and said the storm threatening the Republican National Convention in Tampa means "the gods" are favoring Democrats. >> Pardon me while I pee myself laughing.

Actress Jean Smart: I'll Never Forgive Anyone For Being Republican. They Are Un-Christian, Ignorant, Mean” IF I WOULD HAVE BEEN STUPID ENOUGH TO WATCH ANY MORE OF HER SHOWS-I'M SURE NOT NOW.

The Movie Obama REALLY Doesn’t Want You To See!

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Actress Ellen Barkin retweets wish for Isaac to wash pro-lifers out to sea; blames Twitchy. >> SHE'S A PIG.

Woody Allen. Hooked up with step daughter he helped raise. No...people haven't forgotten. Creeper

How is it that #Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry #Reid has become a multi-millionaire by serving the People?? Reid has NEVER released any of his tax returns, in all of his years in Congress. CITIZENS DEMAND REID RELEASE HIS TAX RETURNS FOR 10 YEARS!

Sam Donaldson: Many on Right Oppose Obama Because He's Black WHAT A FLAMING IDIOT!!! Who CARES if Obama is black, white, green or purple. Actually, OBAMA is just as WHITE as he is BLACK. I DON'T LIKE OBAMA'S POLICIES.

Jimmy Carter arguably the worst president in history next to James Buchanan with the Anti-American Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez two people who have earned the idiot of a lifetime award.

Susan Smith (Killer)

Timothy McVeigh was executed June 11, 2001 for his role in the April 19, 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City which killed 168 people

Marshall Applewhite - known among his followers as "Do" (pronounced "doe"), was the leader of the Heaven's Gate religious group. A self-proclaimed prophet and messiah, he died in the group's mass suicide of 1997.

Andrea Yates killed her five children in a fit of post-partum depression, and was given life in prison. Though the psychotic mother had suffered severe post-partum depression before, though she was hearing the television talk to her and her mother-in-law was aware something was wrong, no one was able to prevent this tragedy.

Richer Than Romney: Jon Stewart's Mansions, Millions, and Tax Liens

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    A good example to only one of the millions of hypocrite out there. Wish they were all exposed before election time.

Trumka, AFL-CIO Chief Tries To Claim They Weren’t Part of Walker Recall Effort…

Classmate: Obama Sr. Was Soviet Symp 'Viewed communism as a savior'

Maxine Waters has run out of blocks for the House ethics committee, she's back on the hot seat.

Jon-Stewart-jerk: $Zillionaire Socialist Jon Stewart Denounces Romney for Earning Money