Glitter Candles. Could do this for anything

Glitter New Years Candles Decoration.DIY new year party ideas To Host The Best New Year’s Party Ever!

"life size" beer pong for a beach party or tailgate

why have i not thought of this . "life size" beer pong for a beach party or camping. or my backyard! so fun! I am definitely making this for our "new/rebuilt" beach house party this summer!

Giant Beer Pong. painted trash cans... This would be SO fun!

The Backyard Version of Beer Pong - This looks like fun! Hopefully you don't actually have drink trash cans full of beer.

Sticking these around at Halloween!

That’s just devilishly genius…

Use toilet paper rolls to make terrifying glowing eyes. Pretty easy and decorative. Cut out eyes in toilet roll. Put in glow sticks hide around garden

Liquor Cabinet Halloween -Super Cute DIY Costumes! I like the little party dresses & their accessories! but the box wine is less cute and less comfortable looking :/ poor girl

Coolest Liquor Cabinet Group Costume

why does that poor girl who is dress as stupid boxed wine have to be the only one not dressed in a sexy dress? Why couldnt she be a regular bottle of wine? get it together Liquor Cabinet Group Costume.

Minion Christmas Ornaments. My whole family loves Despicable ME. One for each person :)

Minion Christmas Ornaments - Despicable ME. Cute DIY holiday gift idea too for friends and family. Etsy - at the time of this pinning they were sold out.