1930s Interior Design


Dragon Door at Krumlov House in Czech Republic. Krumlov House is an amazing place--generous, homey, and friendly.


Try using the same color paint on the interior and exteior of your front door! Here it is in a really bright yellow! Love this foyer too! Good yellow for store doors?


Architect: Eduard Mercader i Sacanella in Barcelona, Catalonia, España. Credit for door photo: Armin Schultz.


Green door - match the door to the back yard with the front door - with trim/coloring of the garage and around the doors and the fence all the same or matching.

back door...love love love

Embellished lace on the screen door? My screen door is a shredded mess. Off to find some lace. Think it will work on a sliding screen door?


Barcelona - València 213 d Casa Martí Llorenç 1906 Architect: Antoni Alabern i Pomar


I love glass/crystal door knobs and purple is my favorite color. I would never use a purple door knob but that doesnt mean its not fabulous!

red door    #doors

"Magic Red Door"-Photo by John Suler. I love the look of different shaped doors, an unique entry ways This would make such a cute home entrance for kids.

more old doors.

Antique Chateau Mirrored Doors at Lidy's Shop at "French Garden House" and Sue Murphy Designs.


gothic keyed lock - I am so enamored with hefty, iron locks and keys set into doors of aging wood. Locks, doors and hinges each handcrafted by artisans and craftsman, not prefab and uniform, imparting no soul to a home.