Mrs. White's Cake Recipe

Cake recipe-- tried it with vanilla, lemon and almond - all divine. (for 2 cake pans I did 325 for minutes, for 3 cake pans, 20 minutes + checking with toothpick for doneness). and 'sweet' milk just means regular milk, not buttermilk.

grandma's pecan pie recipe

Grandma's Pecan Pie Recipe (I leave the pecan have's hole then I them in the bottom of the pan. Then I flip them over with the fork and sit it in a pretty pattern)

Great-grandma's recipe for Dill Pickles written in 1937.

Great-grandma's recipe for Dill Pickles written in I love the history of this, as it's written not in measurements but in penny amounts.

Old Recipes Cards .... Snow Cake

I LOVE old recipes and recipe boxes. I have been collecting cookbooks since I was a kid and then started collecting old recipe cards and newspaper clippings when my kids were young. I have a ton of.

Pecan Pie Surprise Bars

Vintage Pecan Pie Surprise Bars (with printed instructions) - starts with a yellow cake mix and uses just 7 ingredients.

161-year-old recipe book written by Beatrix Potter - Gingerbread recipe.

The Tail of Peter Rabbit? 161-year-old Beatrix Potter recipe book goes on sale

recipe book written by Beatrix Potter is set to go on sale. Beatrix Potter wrote the recipe book with her husband William Hellis.

Brownie Pie

Dear Santa: this, a cup of coffee, and a fork. From a box sold in Columbiaville, Michigan. Brownie Pie 1 [prepared, crossed out] pie crust 1 lb. brownie mix c.