Strawberry lemonade concentrate from my favorite canning website: sbcanning! Can't wait to try this!

Strawberries and Summer - Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate ~ Canning Homemade! NOTE: Use your VICTORIO Food Strainer with optional Berry Screen to remove the seeds!

Vanilla Spiced Pear Butter - must try this!

Vanilla Spiced Pear Butter How to Can Pear Butter. I just got almost 60 lbs of pears! What to do with them.

use cupcake liners under mason jar lids. outstanding!

Mason Jar Drinking Glass Gift Set - Use cupcake liners on jar tops. Cute idea to just decorate them as individual filled jar gifts too.

Bacon Jam.  I have to make this.

Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam All the flavors I love- bacon, maple syrup, onions.

Lavender Chardonnay Jelly: ahhhh.....

Edible Flowers - Garden Exchange - Lavender Jelly and Pansy Butter ~ Canning Homemade!

Cowboy Tomato Jam - the hands down favorite around here.

COWBOY TOMATO JAM: I recently came across a recipe that used tomato jam on a BLT instead of fresh tomato

Thank you, sbcanning!

Thank you, sbcanning!

Looks like I'm ready for the Apocalypse...

Looks like I'm ready for the Apocalypse.