Science Models

Science Models

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Layers of the Earth, free download

Teaching Plate Tectonics


How to Write a Good Science Lesson

Phases of the Moon

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Teaching plate movement

Understanding Earthquakes and Volcanoes...with snack foods! (Part 1) - Canadian Red Cross Blog

Make a fake lung

Make a fake lung - find out how lungs work

Movable hand art craft to learn about tendons and hand anatomy

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build a 4 chamber working heart model

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use playdough to represent plate tectonics

HoJos Teaching Adventures: Earth Science Experiment FUN!

The Solar System in snack form! (2 ways). This is awesome!

Creative Kid Snacks

make and label an insect model

Adventures of Home School

Model of the ocean floor out of play-doh wk18

Home Learning Family Going Sane: The Ocean Floor

phases of matter models

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Build a model of Earth's crust

Looking Inside the Earth on

Diagramming the heart using a model!

Teaching in Room 6: Circulation and Respiration

Make a saturn model out of a CD.

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Candy Rocks Lab! Candy models of metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks.

Candy Rocks Lab!

completed ocean landforms

finished ocean landforms map

Simulated glacier made of goop (aka. gak)

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edible landform project

Moments with Maisie: Maisie’s landforms presentation

make your own fossil

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how does a river flow?

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plasticine DIY land forms and homemade sandpaper landform cards

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Landform Diorama Craft

An extra from Cannon! A globe that shows the internal layers of the Earth.

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