This is crazy. Mix 1/4 c Listerine (any kind but I like the blue), 1/4 c vinegar and 1/2 c of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off.

Amazing Foot Softening & Exfoliating Bath 👣 Mix ¼ cup Listerine (any kind but I like the blue), ¼ cup vinegar and ½ cup of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off!

gold french manicure

Nails Always Polished: Rose Gold French Manicure ; Essie "Adore-A-Ball" with two easy coats, freehand the rose gold tips using Essie "Penny Talk.

pastel and metallic

Essie – Tart Deco

matte coral nail polish without the stripes. Just do a full gold nail.

Essie Cocktail Bling

I literally have this exact nail polish on right now perfect grey: essie: cocktail bling.

Candy cane nails

Learn How to Paint your fingernails like Christmas Candy Canes in this easy Step by Step video . great idea for the holidays

Polka dots using the small end of a bobby pin.

Valentines Day polka dot nail polish design concept in red and white. This would also look lovely in pink and white, pink and red or any color combination. No tutorial is really needed because this is so easy. Just pain and dot!

Dry heels fix.

Homemade Foot Scrub Recipe: How To Soften Dry, Cracked Heels

1 cup milk in 5 c water 4 tbls Sugar or salt in c Baby oil, sweet almond oil or coconut oil Pumice stone feet then use Stridex, found in the acne section of any drugstore and then Thick moisturizer or a salicylic acid cream put on Socks

super the lines with the little hearts...

Harlow & Co Sirens Limited Edition

Love the middle finger design! Could recreate this using our VAMPIRE BLUE and SKY BLUE nail art acrylics, along with a thin line of silver glitter as the separator line. Powers available from www.

cute black & white nails

Black and white nails- I wish I had the patience to do this right before Gavin is born. Newborns see most clearly black and white. I did a French manicure reversed black and white with Kennedy maybe I will do one of these with Gavin:)

ESSIE collection mirror metallics

ESSIE collection mirror metallics

A great way to get metal into your bright summer wardrobe is with a subtle metallic nail. Essie mirror metallics carry great colors and its a brand I love.