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The Face of Cancer

The Face of Cancer

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Vaginal cancer

Uterine cancer, SEM

  • Francie McPants
    Francie McPants

    amazing how pretty it can be and yet so destructive.

Skin cancer

  • Cheryl Davidson
    Cheryl Davidson

    Looks like a simple blister, but so much more deadly.

  • Whitney

    This is sort of what mine looked like. I found it when I was 23. Wish I could go back and tell my teenage self to stay away from tanning beds!!

  • Wear Awareness
    Wear Awareness

    I found mine at age 22 and mine looked kind of like this.

Skin cancer

  • Cheryl Davidson
    Cheryl Davidson

    Check moles and birthmarks often

  • Sensus Healthcare
    Sensus Healthcare


Rectal cancer

  • Cheryl Davidson
    Cheryl Davidson

    Rectal cancer is the 'silent but deadly cancer'. When they discovered this cancer on a family member the doctor said if they hadn't noticed it then, they would have only had about a year to live.

Prostate cancer, SEM

Pancreas Cancer

Nanomachines destroying cancer, artwork

  • Cheryl Davidson
    Cheryl Davidson

    Cancer under the scanning electron microscope is almost pretty....but I still HATE it, all kinds of it!

Mammary tumor

Lymphoma, lymph cell cancer, SEM

Lung Cancer X-ray

Leading cause of lung cancer

Don't I wish it were this easy!

Colon Cancer Ilustration

Child with Cancer


  • Cheryl Davidson
    Cheryl Davidson

    Can somebody Google this place and tell me where it's at? I'd love to find it.

Cancer cell dividing, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

Breast Cancer Artwork

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast Cancer Ribbon Tree

Breast Cancer Awareness Handprint

Brain Cancer

Antibodies attacking a cancer cell

The Ribbon