The South

The South - Growing up Southern is a privilege really. It's more than loving fried chicken, sweet tea . This is the honest to goodness truth

Madder than a wet hen!

Madder than a wet hen.that's madder than an ol' wet hen, down here where I come from.

Southern - Gallivant

Gallivant-go from place to place in pursuit of entertainment. The Best of Intentions: 15 Words To Use More Often


Hissie Fits are a very Southern thing!

sweet iced tea


Sweet Tea House wine of the south When Life gives you lemons squeeze then in sweet tea and thank God you were born a southern girl. (The Southern Lady Cooks)

Only Southerners know about this. Hissy fit vs. conniption fit.

Any kid can pitch a hissy fit but if your Mama is having a conniption fit, you better run and hide.

I'm ALWAYS Fixin To do sumin!  Lol

Southern Sayings: I'm Fixin To. (Digital Print)

One of the Ultimate Southern phrases :)

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Antiqued Sign by Sugarboo Designs. Complete your vintage inspired kid's room or nursery with this Antiqued Sign!

It's a southern thing :)

Southern sayings.Still use this today after, even after 7 years of higher education (all in the South) //Didn't know that was Southern, I use to say that, actually like the word .

Yes, it can!

Authentic southern saying. In the SOUTH, a "spell" can be how long you stay on a visit or a "fit" of some kind.

no MA'AM

Perpetually called "Ma'am" and I still look around to see to whom they are speaking.

A Southern girl's first dance is always with her Daddy...

50 things for dads and daughters. I remember doing many of these things with my Dad, especially dancing on his feet at going to yearly father daughter dances. a girl can always depend on her Daddy.


Screen doors and porches. I love the memories of hearing the screen door slam at my Grandma Flanary's when I was a little girl. Miss that sound

LORD WILLING and the CREEK don't rise…depending where you were raised you might say, "Crick"

I heard it a lot! Southern Saying Southern Slang/etsy. Actually this referred to the "Creek" Indian nation and not water.

LORD WILLING and the CREEK don't rise…

I heard it a lot! Southern Saying Southern Slang/etsy. Actually this referred to the "Creek" Indian nation and not water.

please people, is it that hard??

Simple, ole southern hospitality It's seriously NOT that hard.