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Inspiration to help you quit smoking and stay smokefree.
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When you quit smoking, your skin will see the benefits. Quitting can help clear blemishes and prevent early aging. Repin if your skin feels the love. You can quit. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking
Food, drinks, smells. They all used to be different before smoking. You can get that back. Shortly after quitting, you’ll begin to notice that these senses are improved. Repin for taste buds. You can quit smoking. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking
Managing withdrawal from smoking cigarettes can get tough. Remember, your urges and cravings are not you, and you don’t have to act on them. Slow things down and take a minute to daydream. Repin if you’ve slowed. You can quit smoking. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking

Smokefree Health and Wellness

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Your lungs breathe and your heart keeps blood flowing. By destroying these, we destroy our life. Let’s be like the frog. Repin for inspiration. You can quit smoking. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking
Ever think about the impact an emoji can have on someone who is quitting smoking? Not many people do. You can help someone quit smoking. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking
Ready or not, we’re here for you when you choose to quit smoking. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking

Coach's Corner

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You haven’t been a smoker for two years now. How does it feel to be a champion? Healthy. Happy. Hopeful. You deserve it. Repin if you’ve made it this far. We’re just happy to have helped. And if you need anything, we’re still around: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking
One year ago today, you chose to quit smoking. Now we’re here. Sitting pretty at a full year of no cigarettes, no smoke smell, and no more “wanting to quit.” You’ve graduated from NonSmoker U; here’s your diploma. Repin to celebrate. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking
And 6 months being smoke free in the other. You may have noticed smoking cravings are fading. Awesome, right? Now if all those other pesky cravings would fade with them… Repin to remember how sweet your progress has been. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking

Post-Bootcamp Milestones

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Don’t let cravings win. Use these five tips to resist urges.  1. Take slow, deep breaths. Breathe through your craving. 2. Keep your mouth busy. Chew a stick of gum instead of picking up a cigarette. 3. Review your reasons. Remind yourself why you want to quit. 4. Call or text someone. You don’t have to do this alone. 5. Visit a public place. Most public places don’t allow smoking.  Repin to remember that cravings pass. You can quit smoking. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking"
Quitting smoking? Here are some tips to get that fresh feeling at home:  1. Shampoo the carpets 2. Use vinegar to clean surfaces 3. Don’t forget the curtains 4. Open the windows and let the breeze through  If these tips helped, repin. If you’ve got your own tips, comment below. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking
Look at that – you are a shining example of what quitting smoking can look like. Take some time today to look at all of the progress you made. Repin if you are proud of quitting smoking. You can quit smoking! For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking

Game Plan

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Help someone who is quitting smoking by suggesting other activities when they get cravings. Repin if you commit to helping a friend on their journey to quit smoking. They can quit smoking. You can help. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking
Withdrawal symptoms can be part of quitting smoking. You may experience that itch to smoke again. Don’t. Get through it, wait it out, whatever it takes. If you don’t give in to the urge, it will typically pass in a few minutes whether you feed it or not; so don’t pay it any mind. Repin if you’ve made it through a withdrawal urge. For free help with quitting smoking: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking
Quitting smoking can be hard. There’s no reason to go it alone. The people around you are there to help you. Your friends and family can be your team. Repin to recognize your team. You can quit smoking. For free help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW. #quitsmoking

In It To Win It: Tips To Quit Smoking

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