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It shouldn't

The real questions - Why should he not? < I didn't know the Telletubbies were british< Tinky Winky will forever be an idol

Seriously, I remember when this happened, and was baffled people think it's okay because it was a girl. If a guy did this to a female team (of course people would still defend him but) it would have been way different. A man doing this would infuriate me. A girl doing it shouldn't be any different.

I'm tired of people normalizing girls assaulting guys it's never okay to touch someone without their permission why is this so hard?

My mom gets paid more than my dad , even though they're both teachers, he doesn't care.<---this should be true for everyone

Funny pictures about Why the Oxford comma is important. Oh, and cool pics about Why the Oxford comma is important. Also, Why the Oxford comma is important.