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How To Make Lard - lard is great for frying, making pie crusts and more! This is an instructional on how to make your own lard. www.annsentitledl...

How To Render Fat To Make Lard –

Making homemade butter with a butter churn. I could spend some time on this website.

How to Make Butter by Churn, Beater or Jar with Recipes

Check out this tour of a sustainable farm!

VIDEO | Take a Tour of our Farm! - Weed'em & Reap

17 Homemade Spice Mixes

Lots of historic how-tos, incl. forging, embroidering, shoe making, and more.

How to Do a Square 3-2 Finger Loop Braid

Intro To Homestead Series - be sure to check out all 56 videos from Homestead Acres (lots of stuff covered).

sustainable backyard, chicken, bees, flowforms

This would be my clay studio. (Eco Homes from the Earth: 7 Ways to DIY)

Tanning Hides for Buckskin and Fur: a wetscrape method for brain tanning goat and sheep hides

How To Build An Earthbag Roundhouse

100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel

Leanr How ANYONE Can Be More Self Sufficient. No matter where you live! #homesteading #preparedness #prepping

Homesteading Books We Recommend

How To Build An Energy-Efficient Cob Oven

How To Build An Energy-Efficient Cob Oven

Here's another cob oven by Hendrik Lepel. The design cut in to the cob is a technique called sgraffito.

LPS, "Building “Toastie,” Our First Wood-Fired Cob Oven"

An Introduction to Tinctures

Mortar and Pestle

How to make a canoe tutorial - he also has a couple others

Easy smoker

This invention will "enable anyone to get water from deep wells without electricity or to pump volumes of water from shallow wells. In just a few minutes of pumping daily into an overhead storage tank, an entire household’s water needs can be met, enough for watering livestock and irrigating gardens."

Rocket Mass Heaters

Weekend project: Sunset's classic adobe oven

rocket stove

Homemade Vapor Rub- make your own vapor rub with only 3 natural ingredients. It is so much safer for your young ones and it doesn't contain all of those nasty chemicals like store-bought versions do.

Homemade Vapor Rub for Youngsters & Adults | Everyday Roots