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A driver traveling on wet roads rounds a corner to find stopped vehicles.

VIDEO: Driver Narrowly Avoids Hitting Stopped Vehicles

Take a look at this video from Australia showing a 4-wheeler pulling out in front of a tow truck. No one was seriously injured, according to the video description.

VIDEO: Car Pulls Out In Front Of Tow Truck, Gets Crunched

Watch as this truck driver realizes -- almost too late -- that there is an accident scene in front of him.

VIDEO: Distracted Truck Driver Zooms Through Accident Scene

Extra points for creativity (maybe not so much for safety, though) go to these workers transporting a utility pole.

VIDEO: Workers Modify Vehicles To Transport Utility Pole

A crew trying to flip over an overturned truck watches as things go from bad to worse.

VIDEO: Epic Flip-Over Fail

According to the video's description, this is the longest truck, however, we've seen longer road trains.

VIDEO: Very Long Truck

A low bridge in Buenos Aries took a beating as two trucks struck the bridge, just moments apart.

VIDEO: Two Trucks Hit Bridge Within Moments

Check out this video and try to tell if this dog really loves the air horn as much as this truck driver thinks that he does.

VIDEO: Dog Loves (Or Hates?) The Air Horn

Check out this cute video of a dedicated trucker dog who can't wait to get on the road with her human!

VIDEO: Trucker Dog Excited To Go To Work!

If you love videos of soldiers returning home to their excited dogs, check out this video of a long haul trucker returning home to a very excited pup!

VIDEO: Long Haul Trucker Gets Ecstatic Greeting From Dog When He Gets Home

Elephants save the day and prevent a truck from rolling over.

Elephants Prevent Truck From Rolling Over

Is this truck aspiring to be a submarine? - Watch this tremendous crossing fail!

VIDEO: Yellow.. Oh… No… Red Submarine

Take a look at this surreal video of a truck nearly overturning in the background of a news report about another truck overturning.

VIDEO: Truck Almost Overturns During News Report

We never get tired of watching Bob Motz do what he does best! Check out this demonstration of what a jet truck can really do at the Orlando Speedworld Dragway!

VIDEO: Fireball-Spewing Jet Truck Hits 222 MPH

This is really cool! Have you ever seen anything like this ice?

VIDEO: Medicine Lake Pushes Out Needle-Like Ice Crystals

New Kmart ad promises "big gas savings."

VIDEO: Funny New Kmart Ad Promises “Big Gas Savings”

The driver of this truck was attempting to cross the tracks in Sycamore, Georgia to go get a tire repaired when his truck got stuck on the tracks.

Saved from

A family films their first look at the tornado's destruction.

VIDEO: Oklahoma Family Comes Out Of Storm Shelter

It's always amazing to me, that even in the face of tragedy - such as Monday's devastating Oklahoma tornado - we're always able to witness little miracles like this one.

Oklahoma Tornado Surviver Finds Dog Alive In Rubble

How powerful is the New Way Cobra Magnum garbage compactor? Watch it chew up a Pontiac Grand Am.

VIDEO: Garbage Truck Crushes Car

Footage of an extraction using the Jaws of Life.

VIDEO: Responder POV During Wreck And Extraction

Being caught in a tornado is scary. Being a student driver can be nerve wrecking. Being a student driver, caught in a tornado...

VIDEO: CDL Student Caught In Tornado

Painful fishing fail!

VIDEO: Massively Painful Fishing Fail

Take a trip through the East River Mountain Tunnel between Virginia and West Virginia.

VIDEO: Travel Through East River Mountain Tunnel

Turned that car into a pinball!

VIDEO: Car Tries To Squeeze By Truck