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CIRCLE OF LIFE Part 2 Creek Ripple's green eye were scornful as she gazed at her golden tabby pelted sister. "Tumbling Rock is so babyish," she complained. "Swooping Falcon is soooo much more mature. And cute." "Tumbling Rock is not babyish!" exclaimed Holly's Thorn, indignant. "He just became a sharpclaw! And he's very cute." Creek Ripple smirked and sashayed away, her dark gray tabby fur glistening in the sun. Holly's Thorn sat down sadly. "I wish Tumbling Rock would like me...."

Wildflower Meadows at Highgrove Royal Gardens in Gloucestershire.

I love the strong red anchoring and what about that wonderful tree!. . .

Kenwood Estate Garden, Great website of English Estate Garden pictures

{French potager garden }arbors

I love the idea of this raised vegetable and flower garden {French potager garden }

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „roses Tuscany Superb“

English Roses are some of the best-loved, high-performance flowers in the…

A classic perennial border at Heronswood on the Mornington Peninsula

Heronswood Gardens-beautiful, p'd by horizons/plants.

Echinops ritro Veitch's Blue, Phlox Jessica

Echinops and phlox

Lavender and roses

Salvias (the purple flower in the photo) are one of the best groups of flowers for honeybees and bumblebees. White Fence And Flower Bed With Pink Roses, Salvia, Sage, Catmint And Lady'S Mantel dream front yard

Heaven's Walk: Grainsacks and Florals

peonies, sage, catmint // Great Gardens Ideas // Peonies make beautiful cut flowers and when the bushes are mature, grow lots of flowers with nicely spaced blooming since you always have mature flowers and blooms at the same time - Gardening Go


Riotous with high-summer color, this perennial border is built to last. After the delphiniums fade, purple salvias and strappy-leafed variegated irises keep the show going till fall. - Gardening And Living

Heat resistant perennial flowers

If you live in a hot, dry climate, choose perennials that thrive in those conditions. Heliopsis and Coreopsis have roots in the American prairie, so you know these flowering beauties will keep on blooming even though temperatures and rainfall fluctuate