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DIY Borax Crystals - frame them, glue them on top of a wood jewelry box, grow a collection for the mantle, or just make them with the kids for fun!

Dans le Lakehouse : DIY Borax Crystals

from Happy Hooligans

They turned ordinary beach stones into gorgeous crystals with this easy, fascinating process!

It's art! It's science! It's gorgeous! Make vibrant crystallized beach rocks by soaking smooth beach stones in a borax and hot water solution! Amazing!

Crystallized Beach Rocks with Borax and Watercolours - Happy Hooligans

DIY Cat themed button snakes. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to practice their buttoning skills. Includes cat face pattern.


Cat Themed Button Snake to Practice Fine Motor Skills

STEM Challenge for Kids: Create a pinball like marble maze game using paper plates and other basic craft materials. Fun design and building challenge! ~

STEM Challenge for Kids: Design a Paper Plate Marble Maze - Buggy and Buddy

Kid-Made Happy Paper Cloud Pillow. Easy sewing project for kids and a fun fine motor skills activity.



Peekaboo Plush Turtle

Peekaboo Plush Turtle |

Peekaboo Plush Turtle


5 DIY Projects to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

Cat projects

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How To: Transform a Tired Old Office Chair - Tutorial #DIY #home #DIYhome #upcycling #sewing

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I LOVE this craft because it is not static and can change color like a real chameleon.

Tippytoe Crafts: Colorful Chameleons

from Little Bins for Little Hands

Easy LEGO Catapult Tension Experiment STEM Activity

Build a Kids Easy Catapult and marshmallow launcher


Easy LEGO Catapult Tension Experiment STEM Activity