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DIY Project: Double Desk Bookcase

DIY: Double Bookshelf Desk- This was posted awhile back, and I just found it again & the instructions on how to build it. It's a very cool project! Using a desk and a bookcase, this set up allows for two people to work closely but with some degree of privacy. Download the PDF file by clicking on this picture!

Another pinner said: OMG! I avoid fleece like the plague because dog hair clings to it so! Of course it would be great for this!

Rub a piece of wax paper along your shower curtain rod. This will make your curtain glide back and forth, no more sticking. And other great wax paper tips.

I'm seeing this on my back patio to hang a sun shade curtain. would also make a cool way to make a backdrop to our hammock area

How to Turn Old T-Shirts into Dust Rags

Ever wondered what to do with tees that were stained, had holes, and generally weren't good enough to donate? This tutorial teaches you how to turn old t-shirts into dust rags, and includes the secret to getting crisp edges every time!

36 Genius Ways To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home

How to hollow out a book for a secret hiding place...been wanting to do this, now I have directions.