This was the best thing I have ever seen in my life.

Haha okay that's really funny.even though I hated the lightning thief movie because it was NOTHING like the book (which was awesome)

Bad day of overeating and wondering whether to eat "normally" or cut way back the next day? Here's what to do get back on track after an eating episode! | via @SparkPeople #diet #emotional #binge #food #health #nutrition

What to Do after a Binge

10 ways to stop binge eating. Don't let out-of-control eating ruin your weight-loss efforts. Find out how to stop a binge, get yourself back on track, and prevent future episodes once and for all.

《Malaysian Girl Series》(马来西亚女孩)有宫崎骏的影子。丨马来西亚插画师Chong FeiGiap

Discover the colorful art of Chong FeiGiap, a Malaysian artist, co-founder of Running Snail Studio.