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Never understood some people's obsessive need to be liked by everybody. Most people are boring. Most people's opinions don't matter, shouldn't matter, to you. Just those of the people you love and truly love you back.

The truth in this quote is humbling. Love has been washed down and cheapened by culture, unwise wisdom and our own folly. Love is tough. Hard. Sacrifice. That's what makes it so unique and beautiful. So rewarding. Helps me understand what I truly have for someone. NLT

Hello and welcome. This side blog is for things that make me smile, things that bring out the woman in me, things that shouldn't or can't go on my other blog beautiful-blue-eyed-girl. Thank you for stopping by and I hope ya'll enjoy it😊

Rory loves deeply, cares deeply and is loved and cared for deeply in return. But she never just becomes Blaze's girl or Lucretius's puppet. She has always made her own decisions and choices and she has never let anyone take her away from from who she is.

Are we addicted to stories? If so, we need to choose our stories carefully. They may shape our lives in ways we cannot predict and lead us in new directions. Pick the stories that are thoughtful, compassionate, and uplifting directions.