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    Help students gain a deeper understanding of math by using visual methods of factoring a polynomial.

    How to Teach Kids About Factoring a Polynomial

    vroom-vroom math activity for graphing and line of best fit.

    Vroom Vroom

    I did Always-Sometimes-Never (ASN) questions with my 6th graders.  The kids were randomly paired up to work on placing 18 mathematical statements into appropriate columns: always true, sometimes tr...

    Always Sometimes Never

    Looking for a way to help your students remember AND organize order of operations? The hopscotch teaches the order, and the pizza slices show them how to organize their work. The pepperoni is the answer! Download for free now!Looking for all of the Operations & Algebraic Thinking Standards?

    Order of Operations Interactive Math Notebook Freebie

    Equation Algebra Sort! My 6th grade students really loved sorting these equations based on their solutions and then unscrambling the funny words and phrases on the back! Equations include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and two-step equations.

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    Quinnessential Lessons: a 5th grade blog: Order of Operations Hopscotch!

    a 5th grade blog: Order of Operations Hopscotch!

    Order of Operations Maze - Level 2D (11 different order of operation mazes included) WITH Parentheses/BracketsGet the complete bundle of Order of Operations MazesLevel 1a - WITHOUT Parentheses/Brackets & Exponents Level 1b - WITHOUT Parentheses/Brackets & Exponents (free)Level 1c - WITHOUT Parentheses/Brackets & ExponentsLevel 1d - WITHOUT Parentheses/Brackets & ExponentsLevel 2a - WITH Parentheses/Brackets but WITHOUT ExponentsLevel 2b - WITH Parentheses/Brackets but WITHOUT...

    Order of Operations Maze WITH Parentheses/Brackets but WITHOUT Exponents

    Coordinates, I do something similar to this but I'm going to borrow some of these ideas.

    Put a Coordinate Plane on Your Floor

    The Teacher Who Hated Math: Integers- Pirates of the Carribbean Coordinate Plane Battleship

    The Teacher Who Hated Math: Integers

    Parts of the coordinate plane foldable - inside

    Math = Love: Help! My classroom has been taken over by flies!

    *Freebie* Ten Plus Operations and Algebraic Thinking Begging Algebra

    Ten Plus

    Bishop's Blackboard: A First Grade Blog: Balanced Equations

    Bishop's Blackboard: A First Grade Blog: Balanced Equations

    First Grade FALL MATH printables. True/False Leaves. Color the leaves that are true.

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    Color by number lessons can be a fun change of pace for students and may be used for practice, as a review, as a math center, or as an assignment choice for differentiation of lessons. Notice: All calculations in this puzzle involve positive numbers. If you are interested in order of operations problems with negatives, please check my store for an activity very similar to this one! CCSS 5.A CCSS 6.EE CCSS 7.EE

    Order of Operations Color by Number FREEBIE

    Middle School Math Moments (and more!): Playing Footloose

    Middle School Math Moments (and more!): Playing Footloose

    Math-o: Order of Operations

    Math-o: Order of Operations

    This is a fun way for students to practice their Order of Operations skills! Students who have been reluctant to participate in math really enjoy this game. I hope your students enjoy it as well.

    Order of Operations Game

    Translating Expressions/Equations/Inequalities Walk-About ActivityThese are printables that go along with my Translating Expressions/Equations/Inequalities Walk-About Activity. Just print, cut, laminate, and post them around the room. It works best if you have lots of whiteboard space because students will be translating and writing verbal sentences below each card.

    Translating Expressions/Equations/Inequalities Walk-About Activity

    Teaching Statistics: Function Dice

    Teaching Statistics: Function Dice

    Super fun bingo game to practice solving two-step equations. The flies really fly around the screen! Students aim with a Koosh ball, or just select from the screen. Student worksheet and 30 individual bingo boards included.

    Two-Step Equations - "Fly-Swatter" Bingo Game!

    Don't miss the FREE #mathstation game on the distributive property! Students play "Go Fish" matching equaivalent expressions using the distributive property by factoring out the GCF.

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    One Step Equations Race Game

    Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Activity | I Speak Math

    Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Activity

    "The Amazing Equation Race": Make math fun with this fast-paced game that your child can use to learn/ review concepts year-round (simply make new cards to update the game to your child's needs & level)

    The Amazing Equation Race

    Get your students moving! Great activity for Scoot!Place the 30 task cards around the room. Students move from problem to problem, copying the expressions and simplifying them. Expressions include negative integers.This is a great activity for differenciated instruction, or to check for student understanding!

    Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Task Card Activity (SCOOT!)