Math Facts Fluency Building (+, -, x, /)

These ideas help build students recall of facts in adding subtracting, multiplying, and dividing or help them understand the action of the operation such as multiplication is repeated addition/multiples. These also help build number sense.

Math Facts Fluency Building (+, -, x, /)

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This FREEBIE is a great way to reinforce the addition strategy of counting on and is also a lot of fun! Your kids will have fun "smashing the pumpkin" and then counting on with the other pumpkins. Just cut out the addition cards and work mats, laminate, and make pumpkins with clay or play dough! Create your own addition sentences with the blank cards to challenge your class or provide additional support. A great sensory activity and center too!

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How to Teach Math Facts - Visit our blog for tons of math and great teaching ideas! #promotingsuccess promotingsuccess....

How to Teach Math Facts

A fun card game used to practice addition and multiplication facts aligned to 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade common core standards. This package contains game directions, an addition record sheet, a multiplication record sheet, and number cards 0-17. The number cards are made so that kids may read the numbers even if the card is held upside down.


Cut and Paste Subtraction to 10This set contains 6 Cut and Paste worksheets. They are great as worksheets but they also can be laminated and used as math centers. They are all black and white and they are no prep worksheets :) I have found these great to use with the five year olds in my class, so they are best suited for Kindergarten to Grade Two.Worksheet details stated below.Cut out the answer and match it to the question x 2 (7 questions per page)Cut out the answer and match it to the que...

FREE - Cut and Paste Subtraction to 10

FREE multiplication practice for bigger numbers. Requires 2 dice labeled 7 to 12, and game tokens or dry erase markers. Kids LOVE this partner game! On TpT.

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Let Your Math Facts "Sparkle" - Math Coach's Corner

Fact Practice Your Students Will Love!

Fact Practice Your Students Will Love! - Math Coach's Corner

Using 10 to Add is full of games and activities to engage your students in using ten to add +9 and +8 facts. Activities Include: Equal Equations (three different ways to play), Use the Facts Board Game, Four-in-a-Row, Number Puzzles, and Addition Chart Fill-in

Using 10s to Add (+9 & +8)

Math Reasoning with double-digit numbers addition and subtraction. Great for a math center for 2nd and 3rd grade.

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Fun Ways to Practice Math Facts

Teaching Resources for Upper Elementary: 5 Ways to Make Fact Fluency Fun

In third grade, students will learn how to multiply and divide. We have two doors in our classroom designated to record student progress. As they master a set, they will get to "sign the door."

Coaching Chronicles: August 2011

My favorite FREE app for making 10! I'm calling it a must have for first grade common core math! Make 10+ (and the kids LOVE it!)

My Mommy Reads: Teacher Action

Great idea for teaching kids how to do simple arithmetic with playing cards instead of plain old pencil and paper.

First Grade School Box

Three Steps to Mastering Multiplication Facts - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Three Steps to Mastering Multiplication Facts

Third Grade Multiplication Activities: Defensive Multiplication

Defensive Multiplication

Spark Student Motivation: BINGO With a TWIST!

Spark Student Motivation: BINGO With a TWIST!

Enjoy this math fact bingo dauber (or coloring) freebie!! Perfect for quick and easy math fact practice!No Prep Required!Addition facts equaling: 8, 9, and 10Subtraction facts equaling: 3, 4, and 5

Dab it! Dot it! Math Facts FREEBIE!

This FREE Spring Math Game makes practicing ten and eleven multiplication facts fun! Included are 45 memory cards for students to match the multiplication array, multiplication fact, and product. This is a perfect activity for small groups and centers in March, April, and May!

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Spring Math Centers. Practice adding number within 10, sums of ten, teen numbers, and more.

My Fabulous Class

ping pong math carnival game - great way to practice times tables!

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Multiplication Snack Store Math Activity - Work on multiplication, adding, and making change. Great way to make math fun!

Multiplication Snack Store Math Activity - Frugal Fun For Boys

Addition {in a kindergarten classroom}

Addition {in a kindergarten classroom}

Connect Four! Addition & Subtraction math game FREEBIE!

Lucky to Be in First!: Math Mania!

MULTIPLICATIONTake a break from boring multiplication fact practice! Multiplication spinners provide a super low prep, super engaging way for kids to practice their math facts. Included in this freebie: 4 multiplication fact spinners Recording sheet Tips for implementationSpinners require no assembly...just use a pencil and paper clip!

Multiplication Spinner Sample

Squarehead Teachers: Interesting article on the value of and best approach to teaching #math facts

Are Basic Math Facts Worth Teaching?