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    Math Projects

    Math Projects

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    Be a Number Detective Project

    Math Teaching Resources for K-5 Classrooms

    This resource is temporarily free for my 3,000 follower giveaway. It will return to it's regular price of $4.50 on November 12th. Find more details about the giveaway at my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.#1 Best Selling Product at Raki's Rad Resources from March 28th, 2011 - January 22, 2012!

    Be an Architect - Math Project

    Real Estate Math

    Real Estate Math

    Sugar Shock!!!

    Sugar Shock!!! - Inspire Me ASAP

    Pizza Fractions Project!

    Pizza Fractions Project!

    Volume City Freebie!

    Volume City

    Creative Math Games- maybe have my class put on a "math fair" for a younger grade, or for a family night?

    The Lemonade Stand: Math Methods Class

    Math Circle Maps: Use paper plates and have students create a circle map about a number, concept, etc.

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    Great for 3rd grade.

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    Fraction Operation Review Project! Your students will love reviewing adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing (or any combination of operations) fractions with this engaging pattern block project!

    Teaching With a Mountain View: Fraction Operation Review Project!

    Differentiation Through Student Choice: Math Integer Project

    Differentiation Through Student Choice: Math Integer Project

    Beginning of the year #math activity to get the kids thinking mathematically and interested in numbers again! Blog post via Shut the Door and Teach

    Shut the Door and Teach: Figure Me Out Beginning of the Year Math

    Making a Roman garrison town - using our math skills (symmetry, nets for 3-D shapes and measurement)

    horizons - imagine, dream, discover: Life in the Roman Army

    MATH ACTIVITY~ Create an array city!

    E is for Explore!: Array City

    Math is best learned in real life situations. This projects puts students into the real life situation of budgeting for holiday spending. It focuses on the skills of addition, subtraction and estimation (rounding). It is a great in class project, but can also be sent home over a holiday break. Updated to add grading rubric. $4.50

    Holiday Shopping Project

    My Life in Numbers: Interesting idea for a project to get kids thinking about math and their own life. Maybe a fun project for the family to do together and then kids can bring in.

    love2learn2day: My Life in Numbers

    Exponent Unit 'Going on Vacation' Review Project

    Exponent Unit 'Going on Vacation' Review Project

    I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down...: 3-D Object Project

    I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down...: 3-D Object Project

    Geometry Project for Middle Schoolers

    Math-n-spire: Geometry Project

    Math About Me Project- Great Wrap up for the End of Year but also PERFECT for Back to School! $

    Math About Me Project- #made4math

    Math about me

    Hodges Herald: Fractions & Favorite Back to School Activity

    Showing different arrays for each number

    Multiplication Array Chart

    What Can You Do with Just Paper, Scissors, and Glue? (Paper Sculptures)

    zz-Walkup, Nancy - DO NOT DELETE / Paper Sculpture

    Here is a great open house idea that was shared with me by a one of my friends & FABULOUS teacher. Mrs. Salsedo, incorporated her year end math review with some flip & foldable fun, turning it into an engaging project. She provided each student with the criteria for the project, assigned them a chapter from the math book and let them “have at it”.

    Working 4 the Classroom: Open House Pizzazz! (Project 1)

    Conduct a survey! Whats the question? Great math project for the last quarter. Students use graphing skills, fractions, landmarks data, and decim...

    Class Survey Data Project (Two Versions for Differentiation)