Family portraits in the animal kingdom…

sea otters hold hands to keep from drifting apart while they sleep <3

Sea otters holding hands to keep from drifting apart while sleeping

Weird I know and not what I usually put in here, but he is too funny looking and just makes me smile... He looks so happy haha

The 30 Happiest Animals In The World That Will Make You Smile

Elephant loves

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Ceci Gordon

Otters often have a favorite rock that they take everywhere with them. <3

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It's just a baby!


Baby Animals on Twitter

Mum and Baby Emporer Tamarin. Emperor Tamarins are found in the tropical rainforests along the Amazon River in Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. These primates live in family groups, and, while the mother nurses her offspring, it is the father who carries and cares for them.

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cannon ball!!!

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New mom and baby..#kitten #cats #puuurrrfect #feline #pets #blackcat

The Best Time of the Year

tiny :)

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boston terrier omg I want to kiss her. i cant even take this omg i cant begin to even

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Cute black kitten

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bippity boppity boo

PRAISE THE LORD!!! Northern Pacific Sea Otter with forearms raised 1CGS8862 by Charlie Summers on 500px

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The 21 Happiest Otters Ever Are Here To Brighten Your Day (via BuzzFeed) This is me when I see something cute. Or adorable. Animals, babies, or otherwise :)

Happy otter is happy…

so fancy.

Alice & Finnegan @pitterpatterfurryfeet | Websta

Hello there!

What We Talk About When We Talk About This Tiny Baby Giraffe

Newborn baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo reacts to the coldness of the stethoscope

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significant otter…

This is her significant otter…

Baby bear, baby bear

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Pool time!

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These tiny sandals are soooo cute!

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