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just around the corner

just around the corner

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Something to remember.

red on a winter lonesome day

i'll dream of you all day!!!!!!!



beloved mom with beloved cat:)))

who's there, who's there??? oh kitty in the closet:x

for hanging:D

Happy Mother's Day!!!!! 2 days have passed:))

sleepy beauty:))) sshhhhhhhhhhhhh that a "boy" cat;P

from BestMomEver, my 2nd bff and best teacher in the world:P

yeah yeah card, wait for some -> my dear frs:x

endless love with all those lovely paper stuffs:)

those good old times:)

from home with love - after summer rain

my lovely fr, be well soon;)

don't be scares=)))

little sis' corner.. some time ago

you used to be here, and i can no longer catch you in my sight again.. miss you so much, grandpa

from above - seen from my house some years ago, miss that sky:)

@@ blink blink!!! ♥♥♥

someone pleaseee send me this:)

where did u go..?