Cedric Dang
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Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon | 20x200

Austin Kleon, a young artist and writer, created a wonderfully clever 160 page manifesto—Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told Your About Being Creative. Steal Like an Artist is will put you directly in touch with your artistic side, and help…

Pablo Picasso

Imagination & Reality by Picasso via Les Petites Choses

Animal city. photo by Kerry Shaw

Limited edition fine art photos by Kerry Shaw - its the zoo on your walls!

The Courtesy Table by the Dutch designer Marleen Jansen. SUPER!  Photo by Wim de Leeuw

The Netherlands-based designer Marleen Jansen has created the De tafelwip or the Seesaw Table. The De tafelwip is composed of a seesaw seating and a dining

Abstract Paint Splatters of Familiar Star Wars Characters by Arian Noveir

French Graphic designer Arian Noveir has created cool Star Wars abstract paint splatter portraits that seem to be inspired by Rorschach inkblots.