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Celebrating Women
Celebrating Donna! (Interview #65)  Building community through the development of trustworthy relationships, Donna represents a veteran-owned, family-owned and operated business specializing in residential and commercial inspections. Meeting with realtors virtually or in-persprovides peace of mind for their clients~offering value-added services such as Radon Testing, Air Quality Mold Screenings, Lead-Based Paint Testing, Pool Inspections, and Termite/WDO Inspections, etc.  Donna reveals that… Other Woman, Every Woman, Women Empowerment, Role Models, Business Women, Interview, Celebrities, Relationships, Commercial

Celebrating Women – …because EVERY woman is a role model!

...because EVERY woman is a role model!

Celebrating Amira! – Celebrating Women Becoming A Pharmacist, Make Your Own Story, Rich Life, Career Development, Other Woman, Training Programs, Helping Others, How To Become, Interview

Celebrating Amira!

Celebrating Amira! (Interview #62) With more than 15 years devoted to the education & empowerment of youth, Amira is responsible for designing & managing the educational and training programs that are offered by the Career Development Department at The American University in Cairo AUC. Amira was always dreaming of helping others. As a young girl,…

Celebrating Deborah! – Celebrating Women Military Intelligence Officer, Prisoners Of War, Emotional Intelligence, My Father, Special Education, Storytelling, Growing Up, Writer, Reading

Celebrating Deborah!

Celebrating Deborah! (Interview #61) Wow. Let's just start there. Wow. Deborah's interview is a celebration of Deborah, of women & of life itself. Some highlights; Deborah has written 14 books on building diverse teams with story-based communication, emotional intelligence and smart decision-making; founded/edits an online magazine that gives people from all over the world a…

Celebrating Sue! Personal And Professional Development, Positive People, Confidence Building, Digital Marketing Strategy, Celebrities, Women, Women's, Celebs, Celebrity

Celebrating Sue!

Celebrating Sue! (Interview #60) Sue brings together entrepreneurial women to connect, share resources, and lift one another in an inclusive space on their business growth journey. Contributing her expertise to the group with a suite of professional services, Sue creates & implements proven digital marketing strategies to promote & grow businesses. Sue explains that as…

Celebrating all of us! Empowering Quotes, Important Dates, Journal Pages, Woman Quotes, Finding Yourself, Celebrities, Women, Women's, Celebs

Celebrating all of us!

Celebrating all of us! Yes! We did it! The Celebrating Women Planner & Journal 2020 is published & for sale on Amazon and Vervante Bookstore! Maximum organization created, curated, designed, & published by women, for women! Featuring weekly inspiring & empowering quotes straight from the Celebrating Women interviews! (Be sure to submit your interview to…

Celebrating all of us! Empowering Quotes, Important Dates, Busy Life, Journal Pages, Woman Quotes, Prompts, Finding Yourself, How To Plan, Celebrities

Celebrating all of us!

Celebrating all of us! Yes! We did it! The Celebrating Women Planner & Journal 2020 is published & for sale on Amazon and Vervante Bookstore! Maximum organization created, curated, designed, & published by women, for women! Featuring weekly inspiring & empowering quotes straight from the Celebrating Women interviews! (Be sure to submit your interview to…

Celebrating Roe! – Celebrating Women Broadway Plays, Olympic Athletes, T Dress, Short Trip, Guys Be Like, Good Company, Comfort Zone, Live For Yourself, Life Is Good

Celebrating Roe!

Celebrating Roe! Interview #59 Roe is a driving force for women as entrepreneurs and leaders; inspiring women to be open to limitless possibilities, building sustainable, profitable businesses (Roe-ism: "wild money"!) honoring who we are, embracing our feminine power, reaching our highest potential, creating products, programs, & services that transform and influence OPL (other people's lives)…

Celebrating Denise! – Celebrating Women Working People, Going To Work, Interview, Product Launch, Celebrities, Women, Women's, Celebs, Celebrity

Celebrating Denise!

Celebrating Denise! (Interview #58) Entrepreneurs now have a "suite" of options when launching, growing, or scaling their businesses-thanks to an innovative solution that makes me want to relocate to Tennessee! Denise explains, "I host, introduce, and invite evolved entrepreneurs to experience full-service office space; C-Suite guests can rent private offices, position their companies with us…

Celebrating Judy! – Celebrating Women We Energies, New Career, Business Women, Life Is Good, Interview, How Are You Feeling, Told You So, This Or That Questions, Celebrities

Celebrating Judy!

Celebrating Judy! (Interview #57) Can aligning body, mind, and spirit result in improved health & well-being? Read on as Judy answers this question and shares how she empowers, inspires, and educates the chronically stressed, exhausted businesswomen (read: not living our best life!) to reclaim our energy, vitality, & stamina! Building on a foundation of knowledge…

This transformational coach and speaker offers inspiring talks and workshops to audiences around the country. She helps clients achieve new heights of success, meaning and spiritual aliveness. Transform Your Life, Along The Way, Women Empowerment, Coaching, Short Hair Styles, Success Meaning, Celebrities, Spiritual, Chicago

Celebrating Denise!

Celebrating Denise! (Interview #56) Are we creating our own barriers? Some days it seems we can't get out of our own way, despite our intentions. (Totally describing myself!) A conversation with Denise can begin the process of navigating the labyrinth of self-limiting thoughts, removing personal & professional barriers, gaining clarity, shifting mindsets, & moving beyond…

Celebrating Kelli! – Celebrating Women Other Woman, Business Women, Interview, Celebrities, Women In Business, Celebs, Celebrity, Famous People

Celebrating Kelli!

Celebrating Kelli! (Interview #55) Do women as business owners have to be less of who we are and more of what we're not in order to be more successful? Do we have to fake it to make it? Ummmm, no! Meet Kelli-she supports women business owners with teachable strategies and techniques designed to enhance their…

Celebrating Bonnie! – Celebrating Women Get A Life, Life Partners, Children In Need, Other Woman, Best Self, Interview, Mom, Celebrities, Celebs

Celebrating Bonnie!

Celebrating Bonnie! (Interview #54) Simply put, Bonnie fights for the rights of families and children. But there's more to the fight than many of us know. From infancy and throughout their growth & development, children in need of special education are endowed with legal rights that parents or caregivers may not fully be aware of,…

Celebrating Kar! – Celebrating Women Three Words, Words To Describe, Spirit Guides, Other Woman, For Everyone, Yolo, Event Design, Have Fun, Believe

Celebrating Kar!

Celebrating Kar! (Interview #53) Kar brings people together & guides them through facilitated events designed for everyone to have fun, grow, and thrive in life. Through three thoughtfully designed tracks, Kar's "Shine With Fun" program includes social, travel, outdoors, health, spiritual, & community experiences. Kar knew at young age that should would be, "exactly who…

Make Your Story Matter It is time, to Awaken The Legend Every Woman, The Incredibles, T Shirts For Women, Celebrities, How To Make, Inspiration, Beautiful, Tops, Fashion

Celebrating Melanie!

Celebrating Melanie! (Interview #52) Melanie unleashes the legend within us. "There's a legend inside every woman, and she deserves to rise, step boldly into the spotlight on global stages with her vision to make an impact." Eloquent words of a woman just as beautiful & authentic as her spoken words, Melanie knew early in her…

Celebrating Claudia! Grace Love, Stand Tall, Daughter, Celebrities, Women, Fashion, Moda, Women's, Celebs

Celebrating Claudia!

Like so many women, Claudia is a mother, a daughter, a sister, & a friend, and, like so many women, Claudia tries to balance all of her responsibilities with grace & love. Claudia's grace and love extend to nature & it's only natural that she is devoted to the study of microscopic organisms that cause…

Celebrating Alexandra! Interview, This Or That Questions, Woman, Couples, Celebrities, Beauty, Style, Fashion, Beleza

Celebrating Alexandra!

Celebrating Alexandra! (Interview #50) Let's just say Alexandra leads couples through relationship renewal! With Alexandra's combined expertise in guiding healing & facilitating transformation, committed couples are equipped to ignite the spark, create emotional intimacy, and experience sensual passion. The result? Connected AND happy families!(win-win!) Alexandra's response to the question 'When you were younger than you…