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Sayings to live by

Sayings to live by

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Tears are prayers too quotes god faith bible



When I asked myself today- who am I and what would be left if everything else was stripped away? I had to come back to Christ. My 38 years are because of him- by him I see more clearly... My goal? Don't forget that Christ is my life.

The Second Coming {Part One} - A Virtuous Woman

Yes - Bloglovin

Love the rich look of this backyard patio. The stone floor has a timeless appeal.

This backyard is now in unison with the rest of this lovely home.

Flora Waycott "Think Happy Thoughts"

Illustration - Flora Waycott

best friends are the people in your life that make you laugh louder, smile brighter and live better quote

Rumi Quote

I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, walking and sleeping. It doesn't change God, it changes me.... CS Lewis Quotes..

Inspirational Quotes Of The Week - 32 Pics

This goes out to the assholes that never do wrong, who don't take other people's feelings into consideration, who make choices that others see as sick and evil, and MOST OF ALL: I'm sending this to those certain individuals who will NEVER be STRONG ENOUGH to change their ways and say THEY'RE SORRY! I enjoy being a better person than you, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. :)

❤ Blessed to have a wonderful Mother-in-law who is also one amazing grandma to her grandchildren! ❤

it's not enough to love the children, it is necessary that they are aware that they are being loved..

House Of Jessica: My Boy's 5th Birthday!

You can be angry hateful while I'm over here smiling and loving life :) I win.

Remember this...

God's plans are better than my dreams #faith

There's a point to all of this...

Do this, I know a man who's married to his true love and they have the strongest marriage ever... It started with this