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Guided Math... an Update

5 Favorite Math Games

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Doubles and Doubles Plus One Addition Activities and Centers

Doubles and Doubles Plus One Addition Fact Activities. Includes; Lesson Plan, Crafts, Centers, Games, Printables, Poems! Made by Emily Education!

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Minutes in Math Make a Difference

Math Coachs Corner: Demystifying the Distributive Property. Okay, raise your hand if you're an elementary teacher and just the mention of the distributive property makes you break out in a cold sweat. Go one can see you. As with any other math concept, it's important to take this skill through the concrete (manipulatives) and representational (drawing) stages before the abstract (purely symbolic) stage.

Math Coach's Corner: Demystifying the Distributive Property


Buzz Worthy Ideas - 3 Math Routines to Build Number Sense

Discover 3 strategies that you can instantly use in your classroom to support number sense and place value. Math routines and ideas for primary and upper grades.

Buzz Worthy Ideas - 3 Math Routines to Build Number Sense

Family Math Night For Big Kids

from Minds in Bloom

Books about Friendship - Recommended by Teachers

Open-Ended Questions for Accountable Math Talk - how awesome is this? Wait till you read the post on effective math post - and yes, you can download this poster for free!

Getting Started with Effective Math Talk in the Classroom

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Math Workshop Elapsed Time Unit

This is 15 days of fully detailed lesson plans in the math workshop/guided math model teaching 3.MD.1 for telling time to the nearest minute, finding elapsed time and the strategies, and finding elapsed time with a time unknown per common core. It is packed full of all the resources you need including detailed scripted lesson plans, games, worksheets, vocabulary word wall posters, and much more to save you time in the classroom while teaching a quality unit that matches common core! $

Telling Time and Elapsed Time Math Workshop