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Zebra Cactus -Esta planta crece bien a pleno sol y requiere muy poca agua . Las plantas son 6 "de altura y crecen los bebés alrededor de la base de la planta madre . Producen pequeñas flores blancas con las rayas del perno púrpura sobre un tallo largo contactos directos .

Zebra Cactus - This plant will grow well in full sun and it requires very little water. Plants are 6 tall and will grow babies around the base of the mother plant. They produce small white flowers with purple pin stripes on a long outreaching stem.

Fantástico condutor de água.

Fantastic cascading watering can feature. Great way to create a decorative drainage system from the guttering. An alternative to rainchains?


Spring is a great time for DIY projects and this easy vertical garden will get you asking for more :) Excellent idea for indoor garden. Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden gardening on a budget