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two white flowers are in the water with blue and purple waves around them, as well as lavenders
River of Blue II
a pink flower with water droplets on it in a glass bowl, against a blue and green background
Windmills of Your Mind
a painting of a single orange rose on a multicolored background with an angel's wings
Tapestries Series - February Rose
three blue orchids in a glass bowl on a marble table top, with the petals still attached
Circle of Life - Blue Mystique
a single yellow flower on a blue and purple background with an abstract design behind it
Tapestries Series - Soft Gold
two glass vases sitting next to each other
"Teardrops" Celia Durand - Marietta, GA
Celia Durand Teardrops
three pink orchids in front of a blue background
Candy Stripe Orchids
two butterflies sitting on top of a flower in a glass bowl with pink flowers inside
Circle of Life – Butterfly « pixelated thoughts
Circle of Life - Butterfly
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch with snow in the backround
Caught in the rain
a painting of purple and white flowers with mountains in the background
two blue flowers in a glass bowl
Circle of Life - Blue Corn Flowers