Célia Flud

Célia Flud

Célia Flud
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set of 3 ceramic houses made in high fired by VesnaGusmanClayArt

set of 3 ceramic white and gray houses , made in high fired stoneware clay, painted with acrylic colors - HOME DECOR


This lovely wall vase is impressed with a shell pattern and glazed with our Turquoise glaze. Our beautiful hand built wall vases measure

137C - with controlled cooling. 137 - Oribe Green Cone 6 Sugar Maples Custer Spar 32% Whiting 24% Silica 24% EPK 12% Zinc Oxide 8% Copper Carb 5% Bentonite 2%

Western Pennsylvania Potters Community: Cone 6 Oxidation Results Group 7

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Recipe for Malcolm Davis Shino add high iron glaze over for luster (needs reduction) - recipe available, link below the photo