C Ravens
C Ravens
C Ravens

C Ravens

Phree - Wealth Management WTF BANK - Carlos Spottorno Wealth Management WTF BANK Carlos Spottorno A parody on the banking industry to help the rich get richer while depriving the treasury of funds that otherwise would result in tax revenue.

Kwak Jiyoung and Lee Seungmi

Inspired by the ‘Tiny House’ movement that has it’s roots in the USA, the Trailhouse is a beautifully styled tiny home mounted on a purpose ...

Architextile is the collection of three dimensional weave structures by textile designer Aleksandra Gaca. Her research into the technical possibilities and applications of dimensional textile resulted this time in surprising combinations of contrasts. Contrasts in material, matte next to shining, hard next to soft, but also concerning content. High tech in combination with natural materials, technical next to more traditional solutions, and a cool, detached character versus warm and inviting.

Purl Soho Scrap Bags

purl soho father's day hankie bundle

liberty color wheel quilt bundle

Volkswagen Introduces The California Camper

Check fabric | Plaid | Repair stitch detail | Darning | Mending

For the first time in nearly a century, Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars are getting a makeover.

Sprang Hairnets in the Katoen Natie collection | Anne Kwaspen - Academia.edu

Yiqing Yin Couture A_H 2012-13 PHotos by Isabel Felmer

beads and embroidery