Gerald Butler

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Actor Gerard James Butler was born on 13 November 1969 (age in Paisley, Scotland known for starring in films such as "P.S I Love You" and "The Ugly Truth".


Gerard Butler my other leading man. Yes its 4 am and im pinning Gerard Butler. So sue me. Im homesick for my real honey. No pictures of him to look at so Gerard will have to fill in.

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So Handsome  --------------------------  Gerald Butler captures classic Hollywood style .  Ahh, for so many reasons.   PattyOnSite  PattyOnSite

Gerard Butler - Some eye candy for my sissy.) Ok, so I know this post isn't funny at all but I don't exactly have a hot guy eye candy broad to pin this to, so I put it here.

Gerard Butler omg I just fainted. What a face

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Gerard Butler

Meet Gerald Butler My movie star hubby haha yes please.and please sing to me just like p. I love you.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler: Esquire Magazine, Stalking this man (kinda) was worth it because now I know Gerry Butler. And no, I'll never stop bragging.

Gerard Butler. Blue eyes, cocky grin, day's beard growth. #pretty

Actor Gerard Butler leading actor in P. I Love You. If the accent did nothing for you in this movie, please tell me the blue eyes, that smile, or the beard did!