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THIS IRRITATES ME SO MUCH! They just crossed the line of cruelty. No dementor, no matter how evil, should have to live with her.<<< sudden quote moment: "I heard a dementor kissed her. AND IT DIED.


I love this so much, because so many people forget about Narcissa. But her love for Draco saved Harry. She redeemed herself so much. A mother's love is a powerful thing.


Who knew Snape could rhyme. <<<<Umm, excuse you, don't you remember the Philosopher's Stone, the poem he wrote as a clue for said stone?


The Moral Of Harry Potter --> Open to see all. The only one I disagree with is Lupin. It should read "Prejudice about something that is misunderstood will lead you nowhere, but kindness and compassion to everyone will create love." >> *is dying of feels*

Even though I have a map that came with my wand

Wand movements for spells 12 x 18 print on quality semi gloss paper Come in 4 colors that will fit the scheme of any house, and just so happens to be the Hogwarts house