Celtic Jewelry

The Celtic culture honored the earth as a divine being, and the knots themselves symbolize interconnectedness. We share in the perspective that we are all mysteriously brought together as one big human family, which is part of a greater web of life. This ethos is in our work.
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small celtic wedding ideas | You can't get more Irish than a bottle of Jameson. Alise and Conor ...

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Key to Love Wedding Hand Fasting/ Binding Cord ~ Handfasting ~ Celtic Theme ~ ONLY ONE by DivinityBraid on Etsy

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Irish brides carry porcelain horseshoes (up!) during the wedding. Hang above the door of your home after your wedding to bring luck to your home... Held up as to not let the luck run out

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Celtic knot for DIY wedding or event decoration: the Koch Blog. Available at www.koch.com.au - shop 1,000 plus cord and ribbons at wholesale prices.

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Celtic Wedding Horseshoe, Shabby Chic, Farmhouse, Cottage, Rustic , Barn, Good Luck , Irish , Scottish, Irish Wedding, Vintage Style on Etsy, $55.00

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Apparently it's called 'handfasting,' and started as an ancient Celtic tradition that was continued in Scotland and other European countries, but i LOVE the symbolism it states, and LOVE the choice of lace and ribbons in this picture :] (any religion it would have a nice meaning to it)

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