How cool is this!?!?  LOVE it!

Telling time with music…

Love this music note clock! Assuming the quarter note gets the beat.

Note Value Chart - yet another way. Like!

When I was a girl, my music teacher used wooden blocks to illustrate this concept. I like the wall chart, too.

music note printables

This site has some very useful time game, child coming up with the combination of notes for time. Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: A Music Measure of Math

Rhythm Candies: In this activity, the kids sort their Halloween candies into bags by matching the word sounds to the rhythms on the bags.

Elementary Music Resources: Halloween Hangover: Rhythm Candies - I think this would work for Middle School as well.

4th & 5th Rhythm Written Assessments | Exclusive Music

NOT FREE (but can use to make your own) Beth's Music Notes: & Rhythm Written Assessments