Lampe design en bois de palette recyclé by MatthieuThimonier Dimensões: Altura: 120 cm - comprimento: 18,5 cm - Largura: 14,5 centímetros Peso: 8 kg €50

Design lamp made of recycled pallet wood

This creation is composed of raw wood and brushed aluminum. His aesthetic worked…

Carrinho de madeira

Carrinho de madeira

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Organic BALANCING TOY wooden

BALANCING TOY using square wooden blocks from a variety of wood species.

wooden toys

Toy Tips You Can Put Into Play. Whether you need to find a toy for a child or yourself, you have to be educated on what to look for in a toy.

Car from Significant Others

Aussie Muscle Car by United Measures/Ryan Ward for Significant Other

Handcrafted wooden truck natural organic wooden toys by woodenplay

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Wooden Toy Car Personalized Toddler Toy Children's Car

Wooden Toy Car Personalized Toddler Toy by littlewoodenwonders