I love my mom so much❤️❤️

I love my mom so much!>> I hate things that say your mom is gonna die if you don't repost this so I'm posting this because I liked the rest of the post. I love my Mom!

Always love you mama

I now have three moms, bio mom,step mom, and foster mom. But I love them all…

You Can eat this if you are a ghoul

May contain what?

Tim Tam may conain traces of peanuts and human flesh! Thanks Weird Al, if you are really the originator of this spoof. - Relax chocolate lovers, it's just a joke. No humans or zombies were hurt in the making of Tim Tam chocolate

Can't risk it

lordtaku: “unclefather: “can’t risk it ” THIS PIECE OF PICTURE WORKS. ” Wouldn’t hurt to try ” At least always is cool to see a four leaf clover, either it works or not ”

Funny and Relatable!

When I Wake Up On A Monday Morning gifs monday good morning monday quotes monday pictures good morning monday monday images

No no no no no no no no no no Neither my best friend or I are dumb retards asking for more attention.


Internet is life. Videogames are life. Anime is life. Manga is life. My life is complete


I all ways watch anime And i have only once watched a season in one day it was sao really really good and i never finish season in one day is probably because i watch naruto and watched inuyasha

If “Harry Potter” Had Been Written From Voldemort’s Point Of View

If "Harry Potter" Had Been Written From Voldemort's Point Of View

If “Harry Potter” Had Been Written From Voldemort’s Point Of View --- this is beautiful (basically like if it have been written from Very Potter Musical Volde's pov)