We love this hoodie and its words. You can't change your body without putting in the time.

8 workout tees that will motivate everyone around you

TRAIN INSANE or Remain the Same Spring Hoodie. Really cute workout clothes i love it so cute

sister tattoo | Tattoo Ideas Central This would be cool to do with all my sisters!

I think me and my mom should get these as a mother daughter tattoo not a sister tattoo

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Yes, Shaun.I am keeping my core tight! And I would never punch anyone in the face, or anywhere else for that matter. No matter HOW much you make me hurt.

Hmm... well this actually happens after the warm up...and i mostly just feel disgusting. <3 insanity.

WHen im dripping with sweat, I feel bad ass quotes quote fitness workout motivation exercise

Insanity & T25 BOTH lol! It pays off though...but during holy moly! http://soreyfitness.com/fitness/t25-workout-schedule-calendar/

T25 Workout - 6 Women's T25 Reviews & Printable Schedules

Shaun+T+always+tells+me+to+dig+deeper+while+working+out.+If+I+dig+any+deeper,+I+will+be+digging+my+own+grave. So true!

Insanity Workout funny!!!

Digging that little bit deeper on every workout will make you achieve your goals and dreams 💪

says it all! come see my page www.facebook.com/changingyourlifewithangie if you are interested in finding a good workout for you!! :-) follow me on Instagram: @angiefitmom

I have a love/hate relationship with him. I hate him during the workout but love him after its over and I see results!